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honey, i can’t keep regretting your choice. 

i’m indifferent to whatever happens. at least that’s what I’m trying to tell myself. to be honest i know… this is it. we weren’t forever. only at heart. not in reality. 

i’ll love you forever.

but i won’t miss you anymore.
there’s nothing to it.

we had our time. it changed me forever.

now. i want to move on. my heart aches. i don’t want you. i don’t want anyone. i want silence and peace in my heart. not this raging pain. 

i can’t talk to you anymore. not in reality, not in my head. you’re not a part of me anymore. 

i’m just not sure how i’ll survive this loneliness. 

it hurts.

i can only hope the pain will pass. 

my blog isn’t really .. active, right now. and that’s fine by me. I’m moving forward, I’m changing. Not sure it’s all good stuff though.. I have two personalities that you can divide into several different ones but anyway, these two.. there’s the ignorant and there’s the caring. Right now I’m in my ignorant-phase. 


‘On the Shelf’ (1970) by Michael Craig-Martin
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iPhones are great. Until you drop them on a hard surface, screen down. 
this is the second time. h-a-t-e i-t. but you know, spoiled as I am, my biggest “sorrow” is that I’ll now have another iPhone until this one is repaired and I won’t have my awesome “sweet skateboards”-sticker on the backside. I love that sticker.. 

I love my shoes. I’m not kidding. if I could duplicate those shoes into several pairs in different colors, I would be like the happiest girl. I love Circa. 

unfortunately I’m a girl = small feet. not so easy to find a pair of sweet-ass Circa skate-shoes in small sizes. 

it feels like I’m dead on the inside. I’m alone. I miss human interaction. I miss kissing someone I want to kiss. But there’s no one.. I’m alone. alone alone alone. And I’m beginning to wish I wasn’t. 

dailogue with myself

"don’t let them get to you. you are more than the choices that you’ve made, you are more than the sum of your past mistakes, you are more than the problems you create. And you frickin know it! So get up on your feet and bounce back. You don’t need to feel sorry for yourself. What’s the point? You know it’s pointless. But it’s easier to hide behind self-pity than to grow some ladyballs and stand up for yourself and your actions. They don’t define who you are anyway."

I haven’t written in a while but now I feel I really miss it.

I’m trying to work on my boundaries, to recognize where different energies start and stop and to keep them separated. Therefore I won’t be writing as much as I have, I guess. But I can not keep it all in my mind. Some words I have to speak or write in order to let go of them.


Skateboard Benches

american company deckstool has developed new furniture seating made from 100% reclaimed broken skateboards. the 48” recycled skateboard deck benches feature a popsicle-shaped seat that use skateboard trucks for their construction. besides being influenced by skate art and culture, deckstool’s designs are based upon how easily skateboards break during use. the company works with independent skate shops and parks in the USA and canada to collect busted boards, giving these small skate-businesses cash back to supplement their income or  to raise money for skate park projects.

check out more here
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